Wednesday, May 4, 2011


dear folks, this is going to be my last post for a while. i'm keeping the blog but have some other stuff coming up in the near future which is gonna take away my attention. i am, however, gonna try and find some people to guest post on a broad range of topics to include: woodworking, hand-to-hand combat, the philosophy of law, and steak.

life's been pretty busy the past couple weeks. for one of my finals, my buddy blair and i had to conduct a full trial down at the state courthouse. we got all gussied up and absolutely destroyed the competition. well, except that we lost the case. as my dad (who attended) so eloquently put it: "winning isn't everything. well, except when you go to trial."

the only reason i can come up with as to our loss is that fact that the jurors were biased against handsome, eloquent, and very charming men.

the rest of my finals have been going fairly well, though i never really know how well they've gone until my professors release my grades into the wild. my last exam is tomorrow morning, after which time i plan on doing absolutely nothing - which is similar to what i've been doing in preparation for my last exam.

harriet susan jones joined my sister's family last week, and she's as cute as a button. as i've said before, kelly calls her "hattie" but i call her "hairy." and for that, kelly calls me "an idiot."

hairy's doing well and i'm excited that once school is over i can go down and get to know her better.

yesterday was one of the most deliciously awesome days of my entire life. in the morning, i slept. i slept a lot. when i woke up, i went shooting. i shot a lot. a post-shooting round count showed that blair and i discharged over 650 rounds of ammunition over the course of several hours. it was magnificent and my big bald head got burned. i took pictures and wrote a haiku about shooting.

i did go shooting
i shot a lot of ammo
so did that guy blair

after i went shooting, i took a shower and met up with jeph and brry to go to the Coheed & Cambria concert. it was phenomenal. it was so phenomenal that it made my beard grow twice as fast as normal. it was so phenomenal that i hope to continue the hearing loss i'm currently experiencing, just so i can be reminded of how phenomenal it was. this is me pre-show (i was smiling on the inside):

the concert was part of their Neverender Tour. they played a bunch of songs acoustically, then their entire Second Stage Turbine Blade album from start to finish, and then a bunch of songs afterward. they rocked hard, brry got hit in the head with a shoe, and we went to denny's for chicken fried steak afterward.

that's it. rock on, readers.


LaurenHoya said...

C-rock, you know I live for your posts. And I shall be sad without them! Hopefully the busy things that need your attention include visiting me. Peace and love and Dr Pepper, L-Dubs.

emilyf said...

I really really like this post. I could guest post about Alaska bear something or other.;) have a great summer!

Chance and Emily said...

Corey you are awesome and this post was exceptional! and I know that you are not too busy to post random thoughts on your blog--so suck it up and don't be a quitter, cause quitters suck :)

k, later

Oh yea, Chance wrestled a Bear when he arrived in Alaska--it was amazing!