Saturday, April 30, 2011

hairy, everyone. everyone, hairy.

she arrived a few days ago, and finally got a name yesterday: harriet susan jones. i told kelly that i was gonna call her "hairy" whether or not she was named "harriet," but "luckily" now her "nickname makes sense." i "love" "quotation marks."""""""""

she's really cute. i was going to try and take a bite of her cheeks, but the nurse threatened to go all Shaking Grown-Up Syndrome on me, so i ceased. for now.

this is now my sister's entire brood:


Anne said...

Congratulations Uncle Corey!

Julie said...

Please tell Kelly congrats from the Shinsel family! "Hairy" is absolutely precious. I feel the same about baby cheeks, except in the south we call them "jowls."