Tuesday, March 22, 2011

kamo klompen

when i went to the netherlands last summer, i brought back stuff (not including the extra 10 pounds on my tummy) for a couple friends. some of those stuffs were unpainted klompen (wooden shoes) which i had planned to paint with my friend courtney. see, courtney is an amazing artist studying at a prestigious academy, and i figured that she could help me make my klompen awesome.

she did.

we were supposed to paint our respective wooden shoes together, but i'm not good at "following through" or "making plans" or "maintaining friendships," so dear courtney took the initiative (since i dropped the initiative for...oh...8 months) and painted my pair.

that's right. kamo klompen for kme. how awesome is that? (hint: very awesome)

goed gedaan, courtney. je bent een schat!


LaurenHoya said...

CS - when I come to Utah for summer camp, I want to paint shoes as my arts and crafts project. you'd best make that happen. thx.