Wednesday, March 23, 2011

bobby and liv and guns and pizza and tummyaches

bobby and liv are here right now to hang out for a couple of days. liv stuck to her MO the entire drive down and tried to swallow her arm. luckily her fingers and effort were in the way.

i recently acquired some new toys, so bobby and jeph and i took them out to the range to ensure their combat effectiveness. they were very effective in our combat against boulders and clay pigeons.

following our 300+ meter tests with the new weaponry, we headed over to the local pizza buffet for tummy aches and indigestion. kelly and sue and chip and boobie and liv and andy joined us.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

kamo klompen

when i went to the netherlands last summer, i brought back stuff (not including the extra 10 pounds on my tummy) for a couple friends. some of those stuffs were unpainted klompen (wooden shoes) which i had planned to paint with my friend courtney. see, courtney is an amazing artist studying at a prestigious academy, and i figured that she could help me make my klompen awesome.

she did.

we were supposed to paint our respective wooden shoes together, but i'm not good at "following through" or "making plans" or "maintaining friendships," so dear courtney took the initiative (since i dropped the initiative for...oh...8 months) and painted my pair.

that's right. kamo klompen for kme. how awesome is that? (hint: very awesome)

goed gedaan, courtney. je bent een schat!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

i have a new girlfriend

and her name is beautiful

Thursday, March 3, 2011

i do things and sometimes i have pictures to prove it

things are pretty busy right now, so naturally i should ignore the tasks at hand and do something of little consequence - like update my blog.

my buddy blair and i accidentally advanced to the semi-finals of our moot court competition. despite our best attempt at mediocrity, we successfully made it to the next round. this is good (because it'll look sharp on my resume) but bad (because i won't be able to sleep in this saturday). for those that don't know, moot court is a law school competition in which students get up in front of a panel of mock judges and pretend to be really smart. my mom always said that i'm a bad liar, but apparently i've proved otherwise.

boobie had her first birthday and ate it, along with an entire cake. seriously. look at her chubby little everything.

it's so nice to be back in utah. i love that i get to see boobie and chip, and do stuff with them on a regular basis. in fact, chiP and i went to lunch the other day after i took him duck hunting.

i'm also lucky that since i've moved back to utah, jeph, jen, and will have also moved here. the last time i hung out with will, he mostly just wanted to watch youtube videos of automobiles proceeding through car washes. if you can name one thing sweeter than that, i won't punch you in the liver.

and lastly, my pappy and i went to a jazz game a couple weeks ago. in fact, it was when they played the bulls, and it turned out to be Jerry Sloan's last game as head coach. little did i know he was waiting for us to go to a game so that he could call his career complete and move on to the next phase of his life. RIP, J-Slo.