Thursday, January 20, 2011

i don't have a clever title for this post

i'm at the end of my second week of the new semester, but somehow i'm already almost a month behind. my classes are all pretty interesting, and i signed up with a buddy for moot court and trial advocacy. both of those classes culminate in "trials" where we have to deliver oral arguments to a judge. this is perfect for me right now, because it's been a while since i've looked like an idiot in front of someone important.

i get to babysit chiP and boobie tonight. for Christmas i gave kelly and kelly's nate movie tickets and a coupon to babysit. i thought that they knew gifts like that take - at a minimum - six months to vest. but they got off on a technicality (in that i don't have anything to do this evening). and really, who WOULDN'T want to watch these two?

i just hope that the frontyard hose makes it into the kitchen in case i have to "change diapers."

in closing...i was talking with someone a while ago and said "you know how sometimes you're laying in your bed, on your side, and it's uncomfortable, but you're too lazy to roll over to the other side to get comfy?" i was met with raised eyebrows and an awkward silence. it was then that i realized i might be only person who knows that.

until next time, fair reader, i bid you a doo. nay, i bid you two doos.


me said...

i once fashioned a grapling hook out of my belt so i didn't have to move...i know lazy

Chance and Emily said...

OMG.........SLUMBER PARTY!!!!! Chip and Boobie are the luckiest kids EVER! And I wish I could be there to watch you change a diaper--I need a good laugh :)

emilyf said...

sold! to the bearded man for two doos...

i understand lazy, if it makes you feel better to know that i know