Wednesday, November 3, 2010

egg droppings

a couple weeks ago we went to brooklyn's school to watch her class do an egg-drop. for those of you not familiar with this, it involves dropping eggs.

the kids all packaged up an egg in different types of soft materials, and then a teacher tossed their work off the roof to see if it would hold up to a speedy impact with Mother Earth.

i'm glad that our schools are teaching our children useful lessons that will prepare them for real life. not only did they discover how to securely package eggs (which will be handy for those that are able to break into utah's highly praised egg-packaging industry), but they learned that it's ok to climb up onto the roof as long as you're gonna throw something off.

brooklyn's survived the fall (of course).

boobie was kind of lazy during the whole thing and just sat around being chubby. she didn't cheer, she didn't scream, and she didn't even bother to clap when brooklyn was up. i swear, all that kid does is eat and sleep. and look super duper cute.


Chance and Emily said...

I LOVE the pictures.....especially the one with you and cute!

So I'm curious, what did Brooklyn use to protect her egg from the fall?????

Chance and Emily said...

oh yea, and the title of this post sounds gross...