Sunday, October 10, 2010

ramblin' man

the only thing better than flying to denver is driving to denver with my lawyer, sean, and his three year old triplets. so that's what i did. i had only hung out with the triplets once or twice in the past several months, so it was fun to get to know them. it was also fun for them to get to know me, except that they never really figured out who i was. at first they called me corey, then cody, then cordy, then jordy, and by the time we pulled into denver, they were asking their dad "who's that guy?"

the best part of the trip was when Lindsay smacked Alex on the forehead with her sippy cup, and he screamed for an hour. the first 30 minutes were him just crying, and the last 30 minutes were him screaming "I WAAAAANNNTTT TOOOOO DRRRRIIIIVVVVVE." the second best part of the trip was when sean and alex switched seats so that alex could captain the escalade for the last few hours.

they threw their hands up and yelled when we rolled through a tunnel. they then decided that every overpass was a tunnel, so there was a lot of handsing upping and yelling.

yesterday we went to a couple of jeph's nephews' soccer games, where i sat and jeph hollered. please note the inherent awesomeness of jeph's Girl's Camp t-shirt which reads "Ewe Make The Difference."

after dinner, jeph's niece mallory and i huffed ate a bunch of whipped cream straight from the can. it was delicious, and i chased it with half a dozen donuts.

and that's all for now.


Chance and Emily said...

Those kids are the cutest!!....I can tell just by the picture that they were tons of fun :)

...and you look so happy to be at the soccer game!

me said...

"hey bill, macnamara's up..."