Thursday, October 7, 2010

it's as if my stuff was a victim of Bad Touch

turns out the dudes who live above me are not good at not flooding my bathroom with water from their washing machine. the maintenance dude was supposed to come over this afternoon (since i was supposed to be out of town [but ended up postponing my trip for a day]) to fix everything and patch up some holes, but he ended up coming over earlier in the day. i didn't know that, but figured it out when i came home from school and the cave smelled like maintenance had been conducted.

i went into the bathroom to see what he had done, and this is what i saw:

normal, right? he thought i was gonna be gone for the weekend, so he left his tools out, presumably to pick up in a day or two (probably when the spackle had dried and he could check on everything). so he left his big putty tool, his little putty tool, a little tub of spackle, and...a knife from my silverware? WTF?

that's right, reader (see: mom). he apparently needed something with which to stir his spackle, and decided that rifling through my drawers to find a dinner knife was the best idea of all the ideas which were his ideas. i was first annoyed, then kind of mad at his unprofessionalism, and then kind of creeped out that he was going through my stuff. i mean, did he go through all my drawers? try on my clothes? find that Jonas Brothers poster i have hidden in the closet? listen to my Celine Dion collection?

so i took pictures, conducted silverware comparisons to make sure i was correct (i was), and wrote a statement to give to my landlady. i felt like atticus finch, except instead of being a dapper southern lawyer defending the innocence of a persecuted minority - all while racing two precocious children who were preoccupied with a foreboding gentleman that ended up just being Robert Duvall, i was getting spun up about a dude using my knife.

i figured the best way to deal with this was to be APAAP (as passive aggressive as possible), so i did this:


emilyf said...

VPAOY (Very Passively Aggressive of You). Maybe it doesn't seem like such a big deal at first, but if you don't stand up now, think of all the other privacies that could be invaded. Good on ya

Jen said...

does that make you third party victim, even if you weren't there when it happened?

Shan said...

You're awesome. The End.

Daiv said...

I need to know what he wrote for the answer. This is blatant bad touching of property, and he absolutely did find your jonas bros stuff.

Jazbot said...

haha. Robert Duvall is awesome.