Sunday, October 3, 2010

i got older in september

i heard about the band Bløf when i was on my mission, and thanks to peer-to-peer technology iTunes, i was able to find a lot of their stuff. Adam Duritz, the lead singer of Counting Crows, is singing the english lyrics in this one. the song is called Wennen Aan September, and it means something in dutch.

i considered translating the dutch lyrics into english, but the meaning and your attention would be lost because my dutch is bad and my english that is translated from dutch is even worse.

The color of anything, is buried underneath the the smell of sunlight
And the moon that lies beneath
Hides the bitter truth
That drowning in a bed of blooms, is better than the lies
That slide from singers and the songs that slip their teeth

All the summer's falling down,
and the sun is on the ground
Falling upon a pile of photographs,
And the days flame out.
In the dark among the ashes
On this calender-go-round
I got older in September
And there's no way out

Autumn's coming down, around
The leaves are blowing eastward into town
All your life you had the things you lose
The things you keep, the things you wish you'd never left behind

And the summer's falling down
And her heart is on the ground
A breath of wind among the photographs
And the days fade out
In the dark among the endings
On this calender-go-round
Heading west into September

And the lights go down
And the lights go down