Saturday, October 30, 2010

chiP and boobie

i'm being seriously when i say that there is nothing cuter than these two monkeys.

i got to babysit chiP today for a couple hours while kelly was doing something that was more important than being with her kids. we went to costco for pizza, and on the way there he kept saying "i need costco pizza. i NEED costco pizza." he loved it, and also ate half of my churro.

after lunch we went to andy's office, where chiP trick-or-trat amongst the offices. he didn't have on his costume (a spider, which is what he's gonna don tomorrow), but he was wearing an adidas track suit so i just told people he was dressed as half of Run DMC.

i took him home, where he proudly told his mom "candy. candy. candy. candy." his jacket had pockets, as did his pants, and his brain was moving so quickly at the prospect of immediate sugar that he couldn't locate said candy. we finally got it out of the jacket, and he began to consume it as if it was the last act on earth he was ever going to perform. he was halfway into a lemon tootsie roll when he ran across the room, climbed onto my lap, and tried to share with me the slobber-encased remains of what was left. i politely declined, but thanked him for his offer. it was really cute, but mostly kind of gross.

and i got to see boobie, who is just getting cuter and cuter urry day. kbye.


me said...

i wish i could've been there to be run to chiP's dmc

Chance and Emily said...

AWww, what little cuties! Sounds like an awesome day with Uncle Coraay :)