Monday, August 16, 2010

old-school chip

the kid is only two, but i still miss the good 'ole days when he would scowl at your every move.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

hup, holland, hup

for Christmas, my pappy turned in a couple bajillion frequent flier miles and got me a ticket to head to the netherlands (NL). NL had been in the midst of a 7 year corey famine, and so i triumphantly returned to balance out the force and create a vaguely interpretable metaphor. i was only gone for 10 days, and i had to travel across the country three times (from west to east, east to north, and north to southwest) in order to see everyone, so i only had a few days in each place. my first stop was to see Dadash and Samir. Dadash looked the same, but Samir had grown from a kid to a regular-sized dude. we sipped tea, watched Animal Planet, and discussed socio-political historical events and the movie Groundhog's Day. it wasn't until waiting for my train out of there that i purchased my first dutch goodies: luikse waffels, stroopwaffels, and DP. the Trifecta of Deliciousness.

my next stop was to see my friends henneke and lambert. i was only there for a day, but was able to also visit an elderly friend, the first thing of which she said to me was "you're more bald than the last time i saw you." unfortunately i didn't get any pictures of these folks, so here's a picture of something delicious which i shall post in their honor.

i made my way up north to visit my buddy ferdi, who is not only an incredible chef, but also someone who quickly noticed the lack of hair on my head. he worked until the evening, so the full day that i was there i walked around the city and managed to find the old apartment where i used to live (8 years ago). i didn't knock on the door to see if the missionaries still live there, but since there were HUGE weeds in front of their door and none in front of the neighbors, i figured that it must still be elders occupying the premises.

the last stop was to see my favorite family in all of NL. the two older kids, peter and solveigh, looked exactly the same, but the two younger ones, noer and borkan, had magically turned into little adults. not like midgets or gary coleman or anything; they were just all grown up. i also got to meet peter's wife (galina) and adorable little girl (isis).

the only real sightseeing i did on the trip was to go with karin, solveigh, and noer to delft. delft is an old city which is famous for their blue pottery. delft also recently became famous for me having visited it. we took a boat tour and i learned interesting facts like how the people there used to be taxed according to the number of windows they had on the front of their house; that students throw their bikes into the canal upon graduating; and that the guy directing the boat tour spoke as if he had a potato in his mouth, and i therefore only understood his dutch well enough to learn that people there used to be taxed according to the number of windows they had on the front of their house and that students throw their bikes into the canal upon graduating.

we took a tour of the old church (built in the 1200s) and the new church (built in the 1400s), and noer flipped me off in a picture and i was gonna post it here but this is a family website.

my favorite towelhead