Sunday, May 2, 2010

your mom has nothing to do with this post, but i wanted to mention her anyway

for whatever reason, once finals roll around, i seem to have all kinds of stuff to tell both of my readers. because i'm studying too much (read: playing video games and watching lots of Hulu), i rarely have time to sit down and just write. this will be sporadic at best, and totally incomprehensible at better.

MIA - if you haven't seen her new video for the song "born free," you haven't missed much. she somehow tried to make a political statement by showing naked fat people and gingers being round up by the police. the only thing alarming to me in the video was the naked fat people. i feel like our government should have started rounding up gingers a long time ago. (**video is graphic, btw**)

tricky sticks - around 9pm last night, me and my two study buddies decided to get some tricky sticks from pizza pipeline (despite all of the rhyming and alliteration that was going on). they were delicious and ultimately gave all three of us a tummy ache. after we went back into our study room to read, anne stated that she had been "tricky stuck," and that it was time to go home. today i tried to convince her that we should get tricky stuck again, but she declined. i told her that the choices we make define us, and that this would be a good choice. i was wrong, however, as the choice would not have been good, and would only have defined how many notches from its original position my belt would have to be loosened to. and yes, i just ended a sentence with a preposition at.

car - i bought a new car yesterday. she's a 2008 toyota corolla s, and after about 2 hours of ownership i began to notice the subtle, sickly smell of smoke emanating from the cabin. my buddy todd actually noticed it and pointed it out to me, so thank you to both new car and todd for ruining my day (note: todd further ruined my day by saying "your car is nice, just like the other corollas that are being driven around exclusively by high school girls"). tomorrow i'm headed to the dealership to complain, demand that they fix the smell or give me a different car, and then promptly back down because i'm not very good at confrontation.


me said...

if they don't fix it get an odor bomb:

it'll fix the smell, not the fact that you drive a teenage girl car

Andy said...

Grammatically/punctuationally speaking, it's a bigger deal that you don't capitalize the singular "I" than it is to end sentences with prepositions.

But you're still a good brother.

And you may drive a high school girl car, but I drive a grandmother's car. I'd say we average out to two 45-year-old women.

Rachel Cousin said...

I miss your jeep.

Anne said...

That's weird. I can't picture you in anything other than a jeep.