Friday, May 28, 2010

screwing the pooch

i like to pull my blog titles from things that are going on in the pictures i post, but i figured that this one would be better left to text. it's 3:22am, and i just finished doing some work work. i'm not sure how, but i totally messed up a project, and i feel like an idiot. i'm not particularly looking forward to self-loathing cuddling with me until i fall asleep tonight.

i started clerking with a public defender earlier this week, and it's really interesting to see the inner workings of criminal court. it is also interesting to see a ranting, raving inmate fire his public defender using no less than every single curse word ever created by man, including references to male genitalia, defecation, and certain acts that are still illegal in most of the southern states.

on an unrelated note, i found a picture of me and booby from when i first moved back. and don't fret, readers, the beard is even longer now.


me said...

"a public defender?" more like THE public defender

Julie said...

Dave says her onesie is awsome...the beard is too