Monday, May 24, 2010

home again, home again

the DAY that i got home to utah, my mom was so excited to have me back that she decided to catch a flight to singapore to hang out with my dad, who is there on business. and by "on business," i mean that he's there on business. murphy has kept me company, and basically for the past week we've just been sleeping 15-18 hours per day.

usually murphy sleeps in his "office," which is the mud room in between the kitchen and the garage. however, the night i got back i decided to let him stay in the room with me. this lasted one half of one night, as he decided to play a practical joke by hotboxing me without warning. it was a successful ambush on his part, but unfortunately for him he is now relegated to his office, where he can fart to his colon's intent (get it? i said "colon's intent" instead of "heart's intent," because he doesn't fart through his heart. i made a play on words. well, not really a play on words. it was mostly just words that i typed to make a sentence.).

earlier this week i went with chip, ruby, and kelly to brooklyn's 4th grade graduation presentation thingamajig. and yes, they actually thingamajigged. it was a presentation on utah, so brooklyn got all gussied up in her casual pioneer wear, and did a great job with her part in the program. after it was over, she and all her classmates went to their respective dioramas to answer questions.

though it was very interesting learning the things brooklyn taught me about sevier county, utah, the highlight of the trip was hearing chiP. the kid was blabbering away the whole time, and he can finally say my name. well, he says "cooooo-ey," which i assume is a reference to me, and not Duane E. Couey, a former leader of the RLDS church.

chiP's names for people are just all around awesome. he calls ruby "booby," and for whatever reason, he calls brookyn "pinky." speaking of booby, here she is.


Larkin said...

I can't believe how big Brooklyn is -- I still picture her as a 3 year old! That means that we have know each other a long time :)

me said...

i can't focus on anything save the resplendentness of the beard