Wednesday, April 7, 2010

nieces and nephew

i got to go to utah a little while ago and visit my nieces (ruby and brooklyn) and my nephew (chiP). my trip began with chiP throwing down the "happy birthday" sign my niece (brooklyn) had made me, in order to have something on which he could break-dance.

we went to lunch, and, as my brother andy said: "my nephew is wearing an eyepatch because being a badass isn't enough. he needs to be a BADASS PIRATE."

turns out chiP loves ketchup. fries are merely a vehicle with which he acquires ketchup. more ketchup. lots of ketchup.

and ruby just sleeps all day, lying there like a dead insect.


Shan said...

Happy Belated Birthday Corey! And I'd have to say that your niece and nephew pictured are pretty darn cute.

Jen said...

That's the cutest "lying there like a dead insect" I've ever seen.