Monday, April 26, 2010

i don't ♥ polygamists

my life is slowly spiraling out of control as i face law school finals, a big project at work, a move back home to utah for the summer, and double stuf oreos no longer being 2/$5 at my grocery store. with all of this going on, i figured i should take some time to do something completely worthless. so here i am.

i went to denver in february to attend the funeral of jeph's dad. i never really got to know jeph's dad very well, but i did have the occasion once to spend a lovely evening with him, talking about religion, musing on philosophy, and watching Rambo: First Blood.

the circumstances which brought me to denver cast a shadow over the weekend, but i still had the chance to meet up with old friends and take this picture of a polygamist.

the diagrammed photo above shows jeph's uncle (P), who is a polygamist. he has many wives (W1, W2, W3, maybe more) and looks a little bit like Jack Kevorkian. i've never really known a polygamist, and frankly, they scare the hell out of me. i think that it's because i'm intimidated by a man who can convince four different women to marry him AT THE SAME TIME. i mean, what if i became his friend? what would he be capable of convincing me to do? "yes, i'd love to co-sign on this loan, the funds of which you'll use to build a meth lab. you want me to work there when it's finished being built? absolutely."

the highlight of the trip was hanging out with will. anytime i was in the bathroom or a room in which will wasn't, i'd hear my name being called as he walked around the apartment looking for me. even now, jeph says that when will sees the guest bed covers not made, he says, "corey?"