Thursday, February 11, 2010

for the record

My Law School Friend Anne was mentioning to me the other day that she had seen one of our classmates taking a jog. i assured her that she would never have to say "i saw corey taking a jog," and then i sat down and made a list of other things she'd never have to say:

1. i saw corey hiking.
2. i saw corey biking.
3. i saw corey picking up something heavy.
4. i saw corey engaging in physical activity.
5. i saw corey standing for any reason other than he was pausing between sits.

there is, however, a good chance that she will - at one point or another - utter these words to someone:

1. i saw corey sitting.
2. i saw corey eating.
3. i saw corey eating while he was sitting.
4. i saw corey walking to a place where subsequently sat.
5. i saw corey eating while walking to a place where he subsequently sat.
6. i saw corey sitting, eating, about to walk to a place where he was going to sit and/or eat.


Chance and Emily said...

Corey sometimes I forget how freaking hilarious you are, but then you always come through and remind me how awesome you are :)