Thursday, February 11, 2010

for the record

My Law School Friend Anne was mentioning to me the other day that she had seen one of our classmates taking a jog. i assured her that she would never have to say "i saw corey taking a jog," and then i sat down and made a list of other things she'd never have to say:

1. i saw corey hiking.
2. i saw corey biking.
3. i saw corey picking up something heavy.
4. i saw corey engaging in physical activity.
5. i saw corey standing for any reason other than he was pausing between sits.

there is, however, a good chance that she will - at one point or another - utter these words to someone:

1. i saw corey sitting.
2. i saw corey eating.
3. i saw corey eating while he was sitting.
4. i saw corey walking to a place where subsequently sat.
5. i saw corey eating while walking to a place where he subsequently sat.
6. i saw corey sitting, eating, about to walk to a place where he was going to sit and/or eat.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

olympics, snow, and norman

so the olympics are here. or something. has anyone actually heard anything about them? all i've come across are articles about how it's not snowing in canada. to anyone who knows anything about canada, this is not a big surprise, because canada is usually a big disappointment. the one time i've been impressed with canada was when i learned that the longest confirmed kill in a war was conducted by a canadian special forces sniper (see here to watch a video about him, during which the commentator mispronoonces words as he talks aboot Rob Furlong:

school is going well for me right now. the most recent concept i've been learning about is the "fee simple subject to condition subsequent." in layman's terms, this is a legal topic which has gone completely over my head. it all started with some guy named norman invading england in 1066, but that's as much as i remember cuz i wasn't listening in class.

time to go surf later, dudes.

p.s. here's a video of chiP dancing (to my beatbox in the background). when the kid hears any type of rhythm, he immediately ceases whatever he's doing and engages in intense dancing. my favorite part is about 1 second in when he throws his left hand up in the air.