Tuesday, January 19, 2010

feel really sorry for me

i'm sick. last week it started with a sore throat, which turned into a sore throat plus almost passing out in the middle of my legal writing class. the student health center is closed on the weekend, and since it was a 3-day, i had to wait til yesterday to see the doc. most of the weekend was bearable, as i was being comforted by ibuprofen, chloraseptic spray, cough drops, and a firm belief in a peaceful afterlife. and speaking of cough drops, who decides what the dosage of these things should be? after finishing two bags of 30 in the awake hours of a single day, i decided that i should probably look at the label to make sure they weren't going to kill me. "Dissolve 1 drop slowly in the mouth. Repeat every 2 hours as needed." after doing the math, i realized that i took 1000 percent of the recommended dosage. but other than a slight tummy ache and The Yellow Coating of Lozenge all over my teeth, i was none the worse for wear.

on saturday i contacted the on-call doc at the student health center, and he gave me vague, semi-useful instructions on what to do. "take ibuprofen and if it's not better in a few days, go to the student health center." the instructions that came with my printer were more helpful than that, and they didn't go to 12 years of college.

anyway, on sunday my mom called to check up on me, because i'm 28 and obviously can't do this by myself. she asked if i had looked at the back of my mouth, which i hadn't, so i busted out my trusty flashlight and peered into the abyss. it was like my tonsils had recently received massive snowfall and much of the precipitation had stuck. i just about puked as i tried to calmly explain to my doting mother that "it doesn't look too bad." to put it in perspective, when the doctor peered into my throat this afternoon, he recoiled, shuddered, and said, "i hope this penicillin works before that s*** kills you."

so anyway, i'm now on a massive antibiotic schedule, and i got my first decent night of sleep. i have class today, but in the interest of not being the subject of a documentary covering the epicenter of a massive bacterial outbreak in the Pacific Northwest, i've decided to stay home and play video games instead.

p.s. i'll probably use that excuse tomorrow, too.


Chance and Emily said...

Oh man CorAY....that's too bad! Well at least the throat lozenges didn't kill you, you're now taking some awesome antibiotics to kill whatever nastiness you have growing in your mouth, and you also got to stay home and play video games. I'd say your weekend wasn't half bad :)

sue said...

doting? Doting? DOTING? I'll show you doting. By the way, do you have a fever? And email me that Doctor's name so I can pay him a visit and let him know how to do a better job next time. Love, Mom

Jen said...

I wouldn't want to be that dr. I'm sure Sue can mean serious business, in the best motherly way of course.

Rachel Cousin said...

Corey, I'm glad you didn't die and that you're getting better and that you got to play video games 'cause that's awesome.