Monday, January 4, 2010

cool breeze

the best part of my Christmas break, besides seeing the family and all that jazz, was the 72 hour marathon of my favorite show, The Unit, on the sleuth channel. it was 259,200 seconds of pure, unadulterated, awesomeness. if you've never watched The Unit, you don't deserve to vote or have children.

this is bob brown, whose humanity covers the whole world like a soft, warm blanket. he also shoots a lot of people and rarely, if ever, takes names:

on one of the episodes i watched last night, i learned a valuable lesson. one of the operators was helping someone make a difficult decision; when the person he was helping said they didn't know what to do, he said, "here's a secret my boss taught me: if you did know the answer, what would it be?"

i struggled with something today, which weighed pretty heavily on my soul. however, after some contemplation and application of the above advice, i figured out the answer: yes, i should have a second piece of chocolate cake.


Jen said...

I didn't know that that was ever a question. If it is in fact a question then I don't know when the answer is no.

Rachel K said...

Your blog is funny. I like it.