Tuesday, December 15, 2009

t-minus i'm screwed

as i write this, i have 12 hours and 42 minutes until my final final. oh look at that - i rhymed. i'm hoping that the 45 minutes i studied today will make up for past 4 months of falling behind on reading and surfing ar15.com instead of listening in class. good luck to me.

p.s. i'm not sure why the library provides free squishy noseplugs during finals. they aren't particularly comfortable, and don't seem to correspond with any of the traditional things people generally do in the library during finals.


Jiles Pfamily said...

Are you and Chaz the same person?

me said...

I'll take your civ. pro. final if you take my public land and resource final. i'll even send you my outline. not that it'll help