Tuesday, December 8, 2009

rhetoric tuesday is delicious to hear

this is the weener:

the weener is very benevolent, gentle, and kind. the weener introduced me to the now-defunct band Rhetoric Tuesday many many years ago. i love both of their albums, but unfortunately they are no longer (however, you can buy their first album on iTunes, and i would HIGHLY recommend it - i wrote the first review of their album on iTunes). however, they sorta briefly became another band, Lander, which i thought sucked, and now the lead singer, Tyler Stenson, is doing a solo thing. to promote his solo thing, Tyler has put up 30 of his songs for free on his website, which is http://tylerstenson.com/blog/free-music/

his music is the shiznit, so you should check it out. my favorite tunes are #1 (alyce says), #2 (as of late), #6 (cannonball), #13 (mackenzie rides motorcycles), #21 (rome tomorrow), #22 (shade) and #24 (stand around).

i bought one of Lander's albums, and was really disappointed. not too long after my purchase, i got an email from Tyler asking me to leave positive feedback for him on the site from which i purchased the album. i responded to his email and said that i didn't enjoy the music at all, and that i was disappointed that rhetoric tuesday broke up. he actually wrote back to me, and we exchanged a few emails. seems like a cool dude, and he makes good tunes.

so...that's it.


Freedom said...

i probably won't check it out, but i'll check you out. hahaha. hohoho. hehehe.