Tuesday, December 8, 2009

lucky #6

it's 6 degrees outside, though i'm not sure if that's celsius or fahrenheit. i'm also not sure if i'm spelling fahrenheit correctly. i was going to go forage about spokane for food to help sustain me as i write a final exam for one of my classes. however, it's 6 degrees outside, so it looks like i'm staying in and having smores for dinner. again.

anyway, in honor of the number of degrees it is outside, i've compiled a list of six sixes.

6 - number of 4's of marshmallows i've had today
6 - number of times i swore while reading the directions of my last final
6 - number of times i've watched the movie "Honey" on mute
6 - number of sides contained in a triangle marriage
6 - total number of sleeves and pant legs in any given Goro outfit
6 - number of items in this list