Wednesday, December 2, 2009

everyone, my dad; my dad, everyone

i was going through old pictures, and in doing so found a bunch with me and my dad. they reminded me of all the good times we've had over the years, so i thought i'd throw some of them on here. whether it's traveling together (11 countries, 4 continents), going shooting, or hanging out with dad's former coach Bobby Knight (whose first and only words to me were "you should have inherited your mother's hair"), my dad has always been a stand-up guy and the coolest dude i know. here's to you, pappy.


Chance and Emily said...

Aww....too cute! And yes, I guess Bobby was right, you probably should have inherited your mother's hair :)

You had me at ROAR said...

i am in heart with this new blog! i will stalk it faithfully, as i do you!
ps this is megan (1/3 of your friends in spokane( the cool 1/3))

Freedom said...

he is a classy guy, just like you