Monday, December 28, 2009

can't make this up

i have a counter on my website, and one of the things it does (besides letting me see how many times i've hit the refresh button since the inception of this blog) is to show me the websites from which people clinked on a link to end up on this blog. most of the time people just type the address in, google it, click on a link from facebook, or ricochet here from someone else's blog. however, one dude in Hungary upped the ante, and proved that we are truly a globalized society. a creepy, uncomfortable, totally nonsensical globalized society.

i don't check it often, but the last time i did i noticed that someone from Zalaegerszeg, Hungary had come to my website via a google search. this seemed kinda weird to me, because i don't know anyone in Hungary, and i figured that only a fairly strange combination of search terms would lead someone here.

turned out to be strange indeed. on December 16, at 8:40 am, someone on the other side of the world was sitting at their computer, looking for a website that contained the following words: "weener," "writing," and "desk." yes, dear reader(s [i hope there is more than one of you]), some Hungarian was doing his darndest to track down the elusive Weener Writing Desk. unfortunately for him, he landed on my page, which has only a mention of my friend, The Weener, the desk in my house, and the word "writing."

i don't know who this person was, and more sadly, i have no idea what a Weener Writing Desk is. i want to track him/her down and see if they ever managed to stumble upon their sought-after treasure. i hope they found it.

p.s. Zalaegerszeg is in western Hungary, and you can read all about it HERE.

p.m.s. i offer this (edited, since this is a family-ish website) screenshot as proof:


Hillary said...

I got my weener writing desk at IKEA.