Thursday, December 24, 2009


the day i landed in SLC, my mom retrieved me up from the LZ and we drove and picked up brooklyn from school. brooklyn had a book report mobile that needed to be made, so she and my mom and i picked up some supplies at the store and spent SEVERAL hours at mcdonald's drinking hot chocolate and creating something amazing based on the book Dark Day in the Deep Sea. her mobile had swedish fish and gummy worms on it - partly to convey the symbolic significance of the setting of the novel, and partly because i feel that all projects made with the hands should be edible.

i thought about making a mobile for the last book i read, which was the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. however, my mobile wouldn't be a mobile at all. it would simply be a noose i'd tie around my neck to symbolize what it felt like reading, and my knowledge being tested on, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

p.s. i have to give a shout out to my beard, which is back in full bloom.


Hillary said...

I'll have to see the beard in person before I make my final judgment, but this might be more stunning than last year's Christmas beard.

And your beard last year was spectacular.